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This service helps the visitors to getting visa stamping, visa sticker and porter service at Vietnam Airpot. It’s established to assist visitors at the airport when arrived with the highest satisfy to avoid wasting visitor’s valuable time, especially after having a long flight or other personal reasons.

Our representative will handle all entry procedure for you, and it takes just a few minutes. Our service functions at three international airports in Vietnam for the passengers of all flights.

Two options for your choosing:

Our staff complete the entry procedure and get your passport stamped at the airport within a few minutes instead of waiting at the Immigration counter yourself. It costs 20 USD/pax only excluding visa stamping fee.

VIP service provides solemn ritual for your important guests who come to Vietnam on business by commercial flight or charter flight. This service also helps VIPs save their precious time and health guarantee. These VIPs will be greeted at the Aircraft and received special treatments that are intended for diplomatic officers. Our staffs will take care of Immigration check in not including Fast Track, Customs and the other necessary formalities on behalf of them.

Airport Tan Son Nhat Airport
In Ho Chi Minh City
Noi Bai Airport
In Hanoi
Da nang Airport
In Da Nang
Airport Fast Track 18 USD/pax 20 USD/pax 20 USD/pax
VIP Services 30 USD/pax 32 USD/pax 32 USD/pax

Who is recommended to use this service?

• Businessmen
• Those who enters Vietnam the first time
• Those who needs to speed stamping process up at Airport
• Those who enters Vietnam and bring goes along with kids
• Those who travels in a big group
• Pregnant women
• Disable people

How Airport Fast Track Service Run?

Step 1: Choosing Airport Fast Track Service item once applying for Vietnam visa on Arrival with detailed information of your exact flight number, departure and arrival time (GMT+7) or apply for the service via email or phone with the mentioned information. If your flight is changed, please notify us 24 hours before your landing (except Saturday, Sunday and national holidays)

Step 2: Find our staff with the welcoming board having your name on it when your flight lands off Vietnam. In case, you cannot find our staff, please give us a call at hotline +84 1900 8605

Step 3: Give our staff your visa approval letter, entry and exit form, passport, 2 photos and stamping fee (USD 45/person for single entry, and USD 95/person for multiple entry visa) for doing your entry procedure.

Step 4: Get your passport back with Vietnam Visa stamped from our staff.

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