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Chúng tôi chú trọng sự tận tâm để tạo ra trải nghiệm du lịch thật sự đơn giản và thú vị nhất có thể!

Monogo Travel chuyên cung cấp các tour du lich, các dịch vụ du lịch trong khu vực Châu Âu, Châu Úc. Thành lập năm năm 1988 tại thành phố Rotterdam, Hà Lan, Monogo Travel hiện đang là một trong những công ty có quy mô hoạt động lớn nhất Châu Âu. Với lịch sử lâu đời cùng nền tảng tài chính vững chắc, hiện nay Monogo Travel là của cơ quan lớn nhất chuyên đón tiếp khách du lịch người Việt nói riêng và người dân Châu Á nói chung. Ba mươi năm qua, Monogo Travel đã đón tiếp vô số lượt du khách gốc Á Châu đến từ khắp nơi trên thế giới.

Từ việc khai thác một loạt các chương trình tour du lịch châu Âu theo mô hình mới (khởi hành đúng lịch trình) đến các chương trình tour đi vòng quanh châu Âu, hay những chương trình đặc biệt tùy theo yêu cầu của khách hàng cá nhân (nhóm nhỏ từ 2 người trở lên). Sự đa dạng trong các sản phẩm du lịch của Monogo Travel sẽ làm hài lòng những khách hàng yêu thích khám phá và du lịch tự do.

Know More About Us

Who we are?

Monogo Travel was launched in 2005 by President and Founder Bruno Bui – a young medical student from Ho Chi Minh City. Bruno guided travellers throughout Vietnam to help fund his studies, and show off the country he loved. Today, Monogo Travel is one of Asia’s leading destination management companies with hundreds of thousands of passengers carried annually and several industry awards won. That same drive to showcase our region is at the heart of everything Monogo Travel do today.

At Monogo Travel, we know fully well that our success depends on the quality of our people and the high degree of standards they set for themselves. We are incredibly fortunate to have so many talented and dedicated people working for our company, and we continually invest in training to ensure we remain the leading destination management company in Asia. Our values are an integral part of who we are, and our shared passion for what we do and where we live is the common thread that binds us.

Throughout two decades of operation, Monogo Travel has made the journeys of hundreds of thousands of travellers the experience of a lifetime. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and travel innovation has earned several travel industry awards.

Winner, Vietnam’s Leading Tour Operator, World Travel Awards 2015
An award that acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the tourism industry.

Winner, Best Travel Agency – Vietnam, TTG Travel Awards 2015
The 26th Annual TTG Travel Awards 2015, Asia-Pacific’s most prestigious annual travel industry awards, returns to honour the best organisations and individuals in the industry for their achievements and contributions

Winner, 2015 Tour Operator, 2015 Magellan Awards
The Travel Weekly Magellan Awards honors the best in travel and salutes the outstanding travel professionals behind it all.

Winner, TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence – 2014, 2015 and 2016
An award that honors hospitality excellence for businesses who consistently achieve outstanding traveller reviews on TripAdvisor.

Our Core Values


Monogo Travel is proud to be the pioneer in adventure travel in Vietnam. Today we offer an extensive product range which is completely customisable. We remain true to the spirit of innovation in our product development, with several unique and exclusive products in our portfolio.


We love travel and we live amidst the cultural authenticity of Southeast Asia. We want to share our passion for the region with our customers and travel partners, bringing them to destinations where they can be inspired by immersing in the natural beauty and experiencing local cultures.


Our team of multi-national management and local staff in each region offer deep local expertise as well as outstanding customer service. We have our own on-the-ground operation in each destination country as well as a transport company in Vietnam, ensuring optimal quality control.


Having been on the ground for two decades and carried over half a million passengers, we have gained a deep understanding of not only all the corners of our destinations but also our customers’ preferences. Travellers are in safe hands with Monogo Travel.

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